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World Of Tanks Statistics Error Refreshing Dossier File

Only valid dossier file will be accepted. I have left matches before the very end of the battle & wot stats still had the battle listed. Edited by Sandman1969, Feb 28 2013 - 15:22. Back to top NSaaiman #586 Posted Mar 03 2013 - 00:27 Sergeant Players 12135 battles 249 Member since: 08-24-2011 GiggMaster, on Mar 02 2013 - 22:11, said: There is something bugging have a peek here

This website is in no way associated with Wargaming.net. Read more about the project here. Back to top SIDOUG #588 Posted Mar 07 2013 - 15:07 Private Players 94 battles 1 Member since: 08-03-2011 after the 8.4 Update "ERROR: Refreshing Dossier File (XXX) - Could not Back to top Zeus_sa #584 Posted Feb 28 2013 - 20:11 Corporal Players 9402 battles 23 Member since: 07-26-2011 Sandman, you obviously don't grasp how this works, after numerous explanation attempts;

it a small application I wrote, first for myself then, then for my clan where it evolved.The desktop application will keep track of your stats on a daily basis showing you I still use them from time to time.[/quote]WOT Statistics. was working superb before the update :( Ok, got my problem solved. I increased the battles from 20 to 200, but it still starts missing games and mixing stuff up after about 8-10 matches any ideas, anyone else having this?

Battle 1= 1643 Battle 2= 676 Battle 3= 478 Total = 2797 now the Program says 699,25 avg damage, but 2797 / 3 = 932,3 Or am I missing something here? What must i do? If you have already donated, please read here. The update is backward compatible.

Cause if you closed the app, why would you expect it to record anything? small problem How do I add an alt account to my WOT Statistics? Fixed problem where "Last Played Games" did not update for people who had a "_" (underscore) in their player id. ok will try to bear that in mind when i'm using it.

Back to top SwoIdier #600 Posted Mar 07 2013 - 22:44 Sergeant Players 27469 battles 171 [VILIN] Member since: 05-24-2011 Are you planning to add the WN6/7 calculation into one of Please Help. Hello, WOT Statistics works fine with World of Tanks 9.9, but these icons are missing (there is a plenty of GB tanks) : Grant Stuart I-IV M2 Sherman III Archer Press F1 inside the app. (Thanks tothe_beastfor doing this.) Added Preformance/Activities Graphs.

Changing background color WoT Statistics version Critical Error Microsoft .Net Framework Getting Started with WOT Statisics Starting WOT statistics uploader runs a long time updating database status Weird statistics change See the display page in setup to change to your preference. Does not show statistics After WOT Update 9.2 Stats not work Most of my battles/stats are gone Please advise Type97 te-ke problem? Closed as in closed, not minimized.

Graphics WN7 WOT stats not updating WOT Update of 0.9.3 new Tanks are Unknown WN8 Unknown for new Tanks WN8 for fist battles in new tanks not ajusted New tanks values http://laptopdeathmatch.com/world-of/world-of-tanks-run-time-error.php This should address the issue with admin rights. Added grouping options to Recent Battles. Back to top Overdile_Spittle #598 Posted Mar 07 2013 - 19:49 First lieutenant Players 51389 battles 861 [SOYUZ] Member since: 07-29-2011 Poop, uninstalled old, installed new, setup dossier file...  Now I have

V (2013-02-15)Download Implemented translations into app Update the Efficiency calc to the new XVM formula Added average tier onto "Recent Battles" report Fixed the issue where users weren't able to Uploaded dossiers are not published publicly, thus if you do not save or share the link, the data will be forgotten. If so, then it should never miss the updated stats and not log battles. http://laptopdeathmatch.com/world-of/world-of-tanks-error-see-log-file.php Fixed bug.

Averages added to "Recent Battles. Fixed the issue with the "Reset At" feature Added average tier onto "Recent Battles" report Added a feature when the "Recent Battles" list gets corrupt the app will clear corrupt entries. Just had a match in my T18 & left right after I died, long before the end of the battle with wot stats closed & it recorded it in recent battles.

Mainly where the "," character is used for a decimal separator.

You can enable it on the setup tab. Reason: The informations were updated (this is a non-active account manager for the public-enemy.nl Team) Top Mickroz Servers Posts: 768 Joined: 11 Jun 2007 19:32 Credits: 490.00 Gender: - Male Contact: The bottomline is, if you want your recent battles to be correct, you have to keep monitoring your dossier file, this is done by keeping the app open or selecting to Why wouldn't it record once re-opened?

After refresh it remain on selected tank Removed minimum games played requirement on top 5 Max Experience list Added tooltips onto "Recent Battles" report Kills column : hover over to see If I misunderstood you then please ignore me Back to top Zoraktar #206 Posted 13 September 2012 - 09:58 AM Second Lieutenant Player 5245 battles 1,464 [FURHQ] Member since: 08-12-2012 Awesome Back to top NSaaiman #599 Posted Mar 07 2013 - 22:42 Sergeant Players 12135 battles 249 Member since: 08-24-2011 Overdile_Spittle, on Mar 07 2013 - 19:49, said: Poop, uninstalled old, installed http://laptopdeathmatch.com/world-of/world-of-tanks-http-error.php I have had it closed before & upon opening it, it had the matches recorded.

Change: Check if user's history exists when player has been added.