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(Resolved) I Want To KILL "Messenger Service"


This displays the rollback command and rollback parameters to remove msmsgs. Task Manager showed a hidden instance of IE which I ended, and I deleted the program. Msnsgs is the legitimate messenger. could be the simplest way to get rid of it whenheco There are three similar services that get mixed up: 1. this contact form

THANK YOU rvoltaire! ogre8fluffy All I know is there is no way to stop this fromrunning in your background processes unless you uninstall it permanately!!Everything else just seems to disable it for a short Mike H Knew Nothing until my Firewall kept going off with this file asking to act as a server. =...and launching IE. To check this, search for msmsgs.exe and it should be found in the Program Files/Messenger folder. http://www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/msmsgs.exe.html

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because i dled and they it prompted me to restart the computer. Keep up with the good work. royan seems to be 'normal' windows messenger, but hijackthis picked it out as a "changed 04 object", never before did this... Xtra_Zero annoying but not dangerous...

Usually msmsgs.exe just sits quietly taking up 0% of CPU time, but every now and then it ups and consumes about 50%-ish of CPU time, so that my computer runs hot My current Messenger folder is 'MSN Messenger', so it's definitely an old version we're talking about. In other cases, msmsgs.exe is a virus, spyware, trojan or worm! This service is not related to Windows Messenger.

However ANY any .exe file can potentually house a virus inside. What Is Msmsgs.exe In Windows Xp maxomaniak This is a pre fetch program for the windows Messenger service. See the link here. Then norton gave me a warning about an issue needing fixed for scans and I turned it back on msmsgs.exe was once more running under the tasks menu.

Carl E. GET TO THE FREIKEN POINT!!!!! Sparky Msmsgs won't start automatically if msn messenger is not under the protection of Norton AV, provided you unchecked the start up option in window messenger. corydalus So sre we saying that there are three separate programs here (windows messenger, messenger service, msn messenger)?

What Is Msmsgs.exe In Windows Xp

Click on Norton Antivirus 2005, Options, Instant Messenger, unclicking protect Instant Messenger gets rid of the msmsgs.exe in Task Manager. see this here See also: Link AllKnowNerd Its MSN Messenger... What Is Ctfmon In Startup I Anon This file is not spyware its just windows messenger, its useless but harmless. Igfxtray It appeared that the nation's draftable youth would remain undrafted for the immediate future.

booya doesn't go away after renaming the files...sounds like a worm to me! Like ProArt said, it's the Messenger service that XP uses to alert Microsoft of updates and such, different from the MSN Messenger. KrAsH It doesn't run on my laptop, and it doesn't exist on my desktop at all. Harmless or not, freeing up memory and background processes FINALLY is so NICE!

Then go to Tools / Options / Preferences. Back to top #4 dave38 dave38 Devout Murphyite! i think its both times connected with me disabling msmsgs.exe since it pops up and tells me if people eg logged in to messenger, even if i had messenger not running, In Marlinton, Bill Gay's sons need never think about the armed forces, because the armed forces may never touch them. "I've never said anything to them, and they've never said anything

kitkat On June 7, 2005 I went to MSN messenger and unchecked run in background and run at startup. it works! Though the information provided in the link doesn't really help you remove the bug, it does tell you what other files are indicators of infection.

i deselected it anyway..

JOBERT Its just an MSN Messenger program , totally harmless Danieel199 This is a virus - adds as a hidden system file in Windows directory. I then went and opened windows messenger (msn messenger) from Start All Programs Windows Messenger. Dan Defiantely uses resources and allows popups to flood your compy, Kudos to Mark from a third of the way down, his idea fixed it, got rid of it for good if you try to click on it , no luck.

I got rid of it. This applies only to the original topic starter.Everyone else please begin a New Topic. I'll just tell you what i did. I've looked specifically in System32 and in C:\progfiles\messenger, and there's now called msmsgs.exe there either.

i do not have XP. Watch out! Related Articles Disable Messenger SERVICE (Not MSN messenger) Messenger Pop-up Blocker Kill Yahoo Chatroom ads... Kane The Dork Showed up after a reboot.

You need to first go to MSCONFIG and got into the STARTUP tab and uncheck the box that is checked next to that name. Iraq's is a conventional military force fighting a sudden war of territorial expansion; North Vietnam's was a guerrilla army fighting a years-long revolution. I have renamed the offending file -- we'll see what happens. I still have some nasty malware on my pc tatobo rvoltaire's advice was correct.

though it doesnt seem to work without it. Gotlandix definitely from norton antivirus go options msn messenger scan or something under the internet tab and deselect the msn check - that gets rid of it, but does it also In West Virginia, service in the U.S. Caveat: I know squat about these things; I just poke around.

Chris I think it's a backdoor messenger service for system administrators to communicate with networked computers such as in a large office. Checked msconfig and msmsgs.exe was there and it's directory was listed as C:\Documents and Settings\*USER*\Start Menu\Programs. run regedt32, nav to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MessengerService. Published since 1911, it contains a proven mix of news, nature, sports, history, fiction, science, comics, and Scouting.

I erases everyting re alting to messenger, it keeps on poping up HELP anyone THANKS Fernando P This is the default messenger that Windows XP by microsoft, and Windows 2000 by