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typedef struct ZOOM_record_p* ZOOM_record Definition at line 34 of file zoom.h. add : ""; if (cp) *cp = diagbib1_str(error); return error; } return 0; } Here is the call graph for this function: Here is the caller graph for this function: ZOOM_record_get ZOOM_resultset_cache_reset ( ZOOM_resultset r) Definition at line 228 of file zoom-record-cache.c. ZOOM_connection_get_timeout ( ZOOM_connection c) get timeout in seconds for ZOOM connection Parameters cconnection Returnstimeout value in seconds Use this function when preparing for socket/poll and in conjunction with ZOOM_connection_get_socket. this contact form

AND server = ? ZOOM_connection_get_socket (ZOOM_connection c) get socket fd for ZOOM connection More... scalar localtime(time) . "\n"; >- >-sub handler_start { >- >- # Starts session. ZOOM_record_destroy ( ZOOM_record rec) Definition at line 330 of file zoom-record-cache.c.

host : "null", portnum); set_ZOOM_error(c, ZOOM_ERROR_NONE, 0); ZOOM_connection_remove_tasks(c); if (c->cs) { yaz_log(log_details, "%p ZOOM_connection_connect reconnect ok", c); c->reconnect_ok = 1; return; } yaz_log(log_details, "%p ZOOM_connection_connect connect", c); xfree(c->proxy); c->proxy = 0; ZOOM_connection_errcode ( ZOOM_connection c) Definition at line 1846 of file zoom-c.c. Back to index yaz 2.1.8 MainPage Classes Files Directories FileList FileMembers yaz-2.1.8 include yaz Defines | Typedefs | Functions zoom.h File Reference Header for ZOOM. Definition at line 1435 of file zoom-c.c.

Referenced by do_read(). #define ZOOM_EVENT_RECV_DATA3 Definition at line 154 of file zoom.h. typedef struct ZOOM_scanset_p* ZOOM_scanset Definition at line 56 of file zoom.h. Referenced by create_update_package(), and ZOOM_diag_str(). #define ZOOM_ERROR_ES_INVALID_SYNTAX10017 Definition at line 145 of file zoom.h. Referenced by clear_error(), ZOOM_connection_connect(), ZOOM_connection_create(), ZOOM_connection_exec_task(), ZOOM_diag_str(), and ZOOM_set_dset_error(). #define ZOOM_ERROR_TIMEOUT10007 Definition at line 135 of file zoom.h.

ZOOM_connection_diagset ( ZOOM_connection c) Definition at line 1868 of file zoom-c.c. Does not actually remove the event from the event queue. Referenced by do_connect_host(), do_write_ex(), ZOOM_connection_do_io(), and ZOOM_event_sys_yaz_poll(). #define ZOOM_SELECT_WRITE2 select/poll socket mask: write Definition at line 417 of file zoom.h. Referenced by ZOOM_connection_addinfo(), ZOOM_connection_errcode(), and ZOOM_connection_errmsg().

References ZOOM_options_get(). ZOOM_package_send ( ZOOM_package p, const char * type ) Definition at line 880 of file zoom-z3950.c. typedef typedefZOOM_BEGIN_CDECL struct ZOOM_options_p* ZOOM_options Definition at line 50 of file zoom.h. Definition at line 2057 of file zoom-c.c.

Referenced by es_response_taskpackage(), es_response_taskpackage_update(), handle_queryExpressionTerm(), handle_Z3950_es_response(), handle_Z3950_search_response(), Z3950_send_search(), ZOOM_connection_connect(), ZOOM_connection_option_set(), ZOOM_connection_srw_send_search(), ZOOM_handle_search_result(), ZOOM_handle_sru(), ZOOM_options_set_int(), ZOOM_package_option_set(), ZOOM_resultset_option_set(), and ZOOM_scanset_option_set(). References ZOOM_connection_p::async, ZOOM_connection_p::cs, ZOOM_connection_p::host_port, ZOOM_connection_p::log_api, ZOOM_connection_p::log_details, ZOOM_connection_p::proto, PROTO_HTTP, ZOOM_connection_p::reconnect_ok, ZOOM_task_p::sort, ZOOM_task_p::u, yaz_log(), ZOOM_connection_add_task(), ZOOM_event(), ZOOM_query_create(), ZOOM_query_sortby(), ZOOM_resultset_addref(), ZOOM_resultset_cache_reset(), ZOOM_TASK_CONNECT, and ZOOM_TASK_SORT. strlen(value): 0); } Here is the call graph for this function: Here is the caller graph for this function: ZOOM_options_set_callback ( ZOOM_options opt, ZOOM_options_callback c, void * handle ) Definition at retry the operation >-# >-# If, after trying this five times, the operation still >-# fails, the daemon will mark the record number as >-# postponed, and try to process other

ZOOM_connection_fire_event_timeout (ZOOM_connection c) fire socket event timeout More... ZOOM_package_destroy ( ZOOM_package p) Definition at line 1393 of file zoom-c.c. ZOOM_resultset_record_immediate ( ZOOM_resultset s, size_t pos ) Definition at line 1143 of file zoom-c.c. Here is the caller graph for this function: ZOOM_connection_get_mask ( ZOOM_connection c) get socket mask for connection Parameters: cconnection Returns:mask for connection (possibly 0) Use this function when preparing for socket

ZOOM_connection_errmsg ( ZOOM_connection c) Definition at line 1852 of file zoom-c.c. ZOOM_resultset_destroy ( ZOOM_resultset r) Definition at line 863 of file zoom-c.c. References ZOOM_connection_scan1(), ZOOM_query_create(), ZOOM_query_destroy(), and ZOOM_query_prefix(). navigate here AND done = 0"); >- $delsth->execute($id, $server); >-} >- >-sub mark_done { >- my $dbh = shift; >- my $record_number = shift; >- my $op = shift; >- my $server =

Function Documentation ZOOM_connection_addinfo ( ZOOM_connection c) Definition at line 4206 of file zoom-c.c. { const char *addinfo; ZOOM_connection_error(c, 0, &addinfo); return addinfo; } Here is the call graph for this function: Here is the caller graph for this function: ZOOM_connection_process ( ZOOM_connection c) process one event for connection Parameters: cconnection Return values: 0no event was processed 1event was processed for connection This References ZOOM_scanset_term_x().

Referenced by ZOOM_diag_str(), and ZOOM_memcached_configure(). #define ZOOM_ERROR_MEMORY10001 Definition at line 129 of file zoom.h.

xstrdup(elementSetName) : 0; ZOOM_resultset_addref(r); (q->refcount)++; if (!c->async) { while (ZOOM_event(1, &c)) ; } return r; } Here is the call graph for this function: Here is the caller graph for this ZOOM_query_create ( void ) Definition at line 213 of file zoom-query.c. The positive integer specifies the connection for which the event occurred. References generate(), xfree, xstrdup, and Z_Query_type_1.

Typedefs typedef typedefZOOM_BEGIN_CDECL struct ZOOM_options_p *ZOOM_options typedef struct ZOOM_query_p *ZOOM_query typedef struct ZOOM_connection_p *ZOOM_connection typedef struct ZOOM_resultset_p *ZOOM_resultset typedef struct ZOOM_record_p *ZOOM_record typedef struct ZOOM_facet_field_p *ZOOM_facet_field References ZOOM_options_create_with_parent2(). Referenced by ZOOM_event_sys_yaz_poll(). http://laptopdeathmatch.com/general/www-pcmmc-comintel-3945-abg-code-10-error-php.php Referenced by ZOOM_diag_str(). #define ZOOM_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_PROTOCOL10008 Definition at line 136 of file zoom.h.

Reload to refresh your session. Define Documentation #define ZOOM_API ( x) x Definition at line 21 of file zoom.h. #define ZOOM_BEGIN_CDECLYAZ_BEGIN_CDECL Definition at line 15 of file zoom.h. #define ZOOM_END_CDECLYAZ_END_CDECL Definition at line 16 of Defines #defineZOOM_BEGIN_CDECLYAZ_BEGIN_CDECL #defineZOOM_END_CDECLYAZ_END_CDECL #defineZOOM_API(x)x #defineZOOM_ERROR_NONE0 #defineZOOM_ERROR_CONNECT10000 #defineZOOM_ERROR_MEMORY10001 #defineZOOM_ERROR_ENCODE10002 #defineZOOM_ERROR_DECODE10003 #defineZOOM_ERROR_CONNECTION_LOST10004 #defineZOOM_ERROR_INIT10005 #defineZOOM_ERROR_INTERNAL10006 #defineZOOM_ERROR_TIMEOUT10007 #defineZOOM_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_PROTOCOL10008 #defineZOOM_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_QUERY10009 #defineZOOM_ERROR_INVALID_QUERY10010 #defineZOOM_EVENT_NONE0 #defineZOOM_EVENT_CONNECT1 #defineZOOM_EVENT_SEND_DATA2 #defineZOOM_EVENT_RECV_DATA3 #defineZOOM_EVENT_TIMEOUT4 #defineZOOM_EVENT_UNKNOWN5 #defineZOOM_EVENT_SEND_APDU6 #defineZOOM_EVENT_RECV_APDU7 #defineZOOM_EVENT_RECV_RECORD8 #defineZOOM_EVENT_RECV_SEARCH9 Typedefs typedef typedefZOOM_BEGIN_CDECL struct ZOOM_options_p Referenced by resultset_destroy(), ZOOM_connection_destroy(), ZOOM_options_destroy(), ZOOM_package_destroy(), and ZOOM_scanset_destroy().

Referenced by resultset_destroy(), ZOOM_connection_remove_task(), ZOOM_connection_scan(), ZOOM_connection_search_pqf(), and ZOOM_scanset_destroy(). ZOOM_options_destroy ( ZOOM_options opt) Definition at line 134 of file zoom-opt.c. ZOOM_options_setl ( ZOOM_options opt, const char * name, const char * value, int len ) Definition at line 160 of file zoom-opt.c.