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BendITmorE Search for the file and find where it is located on your system. A good spyware program will remove it. Therefore, you should check the spoolsv.exe process on your PC to see if it is a threat. It is indeed a threat.Still.

jbdiver It is a windows file. Even I've updated some of 'em. PowerPlay I always solve the CPU usage problem by deleting the process in the Task Manager. See also: Link snowy the Microsoft Image Writer was causing my problem where this process was taking 25% of my CPU's resources (dual pentium 4 HT 2.4 ghz) Benny i tried http://www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/spoolsv.exe.html

I checked and rechecked and my system was clean. Tomas Using XP Pro. If i try to delete it, it simply returns.

ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus+ Firewall | Bitdefender Safebox | avast! at this point I don't have spoolsv.exe on my system and my pc still works great. (i don't have a printer so i don't care). deleted them and it cleared up Robbie The suggestion above to go to Admin/Services/Print Spooler and start/stop it was exactly what I needed. Check task manager, spoolsv.exe should be at 00%.

Therefore, it is imperative that you take appropriate action to get rid of unknown processes running on your PC. Just go to the printers/faxes area and delete all the files waiting to be printed. I wonder if there is something I can do to the Adobe software to fix this? check that Tom spoolsv.exe is a valid Windows file, however, there are virus out there that will spoof themselfs as the service.

Claire Draper My spool was also running at 100%cpu did research and two reason i found for this was that it could be a virus and it could be a print weedmonkey Deleted several extra printers I had installed, and removed all pending print jobs... Jean I am a computer programmer and I am positive I know what i'm talking about....Spoolsv is not a dangerous file it commonly used for printing, it can also slow down Didn't even know something was stuck in there.

In order to block its internet access, I followed these steps: Open Norton Internet Security, click Personal Firewall, click Configure, click Programs, scroll to Microsoft Printer Spooler Service, make sure that The spooler.exe is a virus, even symantec finds it as a virus. Following the advice of others, I checked my Printers settings, found the MSO Image Writer, right-clicked and cancelled all print jobs. I have Windows2000, and I don't know how a printer spooler can use 90+ percent of my CPU for 10+ minutes!

One of the ones on mine was spooIsv (the I is an i). Pretty harmless but a sure shot frustration generator.... If you don't printing anything, I suggest ending the process. if the file is located in c:\windows\System32 then its safe and required for print jobs, if its located anywhere else its a trojan, virus, keylogger etc.

AvolA This is defenitly not a virus when you start windows, but there are viruses that attach, keep a close eye on it, and keep it clean, other than that, you See also: Link Albux This program keeps running and using up all my CPU, even after i close it from the task manager. I can get the machine working again by going to the winnt/sys32/spools/printer folder and deleting the files there. Generated Tue, 31 Jan 2017 18:03:26 GMT by s_wx1221 (squid/3.5.23) EXE-Error-Fixes.com How to Deal with High CPU Usage Spoolsv.exe Problem The spoolsv.exe executable file handles the printing process on a Microsoft

Tom Smith It just take 131MB of my memory.....really annoying IT IS a worm or trojan. My new (2 days) machine suddenly start behaving like a 60 meg W31 machine. Like me for instance i got hacked earlyer.

You might want to do a selective startup to find the culprit.

My solution was that there was a print job in the que. uses remaining CPU space. RealityChecker It can be both. As mentioned by every one it is a Windows file.

I just cancel the job and it was fixed "no more spoolvs.exe running at 100% cpu" thien asking zonelabs it says that spoolsv is required so that outlook can access the Bigjeep this process is a normal windows process, but other viruses and malware have the same name, and if you look in windows task manager, it will show that it doesn't I tried to remove it but it wouldn't go, until I switched the printer back on. I think the correct answer should also be mentioned Akber Ali Must check the print queue MS image writer.

now you know, and knowing is half the battle. Chris if you are on a windows 2000 server and its going to slow open your printer folder you can go to services and stop and restart the printer spooler seb Waited for 2/3 mins and STARTed it. It asked if I wanted to grant it further access to the internet.

Hit end process. Worked great! To learn more and to read the lawsuit, click here. As it turns out, there were print jobs waiting - not on our installed printer - but on Microsoft Image Writer.

rmann's workaround to stop service and manually delete files in spool folder fixed the issue. If in doubt, don't do anything. WSS it's true!!it isn't dangerous.check yours printers and find the problem: Microsoft Office Image Document Writer; no spyware no virus massi I have 4 spoolsv.exe on my machine. Joe In my case this also was using 95% of CPU, just because there was a waiting job for a phantom Image Writer!

As soon as I cleared, everything returned to normal. Scan for any driver updates for new equipment. Was unable to remove it as it caused 100% utilisation every time it was clicked on, so had to manually remove. Strebor Ekim This program only takes up about 600 K of memory on my system and uses almost no CPU power.